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Architecture and interiordesign

HC Andersen – House of Fairytales

Architectcompetition 2014

Extract from our entry in the architectcompetition for a new HC Andersen museum and childrens culture centre in Odense – House of Fairytales.


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Childrens playground

Competition 2012 Linköping Sweden


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Science center of Tom Tits Experiment

After more than 15 years of design issues at Tom Tits Experiment TelgeMobile Arkitektur is broadly experienced in exhibition projects and of design as communication.

Tom Tits Experiment is an educational activity in which design is an important tool. The exhibition is self-explanatory – galleries and exhibition design are guiding handling and message.

Worlds tallest man ever 272cm

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Tom Tits entrance area and admissions

Tom Tits entrance

Much of the ground floor at Tom Tits was reorganized 2007-08 in an effort to prepare for increased public pressure and streamline docking with associated service functions. There was a need to connect functions to one another, a logistics which have been impossible to planned for as extensions had been installed in stages over the years since the opening 1987.

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Tom Tits Experiment maskineriet


A call of machinery and mechanical principles in an exhibition form. Machines have a special position in a science-center and is often presented as an answer to the questions that humanity faces in science and technology field – now and in the future.

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Gardens of Tom Tits Experiment


As one of few science-centers in the world Tom Tits Experiment invites you to an outdoor exhibition. A lot science-centers activities fits very well outdoors and the park is an excellent resource for developing new pedagogical approaches on informal learning.

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Tom Tits chemistry galleries

The chemistry exhibition at Tom Tits Experiment is an “adult corner” designed for conferences and events. Audiovisual equiped auditorium, conference rooms and art gallery with illusion images are some attractions interwoven with hands-on exhibits.

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Tom Tits Experiment BaraVara

The green gallery at Tom Tits likes to bring to mind a peaceful forest. Akvariebryggan, Mörka Rummet and the autumn frozen ice blue water puddle to slip around on, wishing well and the forest’s many Autumn colors are some attractions. BaraVara means “just-to-exist” so here you’re aloud just to exist – as in a forest …

Recollection’s III

The interactive computerized exhibit Recollections III forms your body in rainbow colours – dance and movement occurs.

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Tom Tits Experiment Kindergarden

The close relation of this kindergarden to the wellknown attraction of Tom Tits Experiment creates expectations. One such expectation refers to the exhibition appearance and design.

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ScienceCenter in Norrköping

(Will be translated)

Science-center är bra som symbol för utveckling och uttryck för vilja att förändra. På det temat fanns en formulering i en av de texter som var ledstjärnor i det här projektet: “-Man kan redan i utgångsläget genomskåda fördelar med etappvis utbyggnad och en strategi i det anvisade huset kan vara att regelbundet och ständigt i små portioner öppna nya rum och begivenheter. Anläggningen skulle med sådana omarbetningar och kompletteringar snart få en välgörande identitet av dynamik och förändring och bli en plats man är bekant med, som man känner igen sig i men som aldrig avstannar och blir statisk”.

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ScienceCenter in Athens

For the Eugenides Foundation in Athens was designed this hands-on exhibition with a number of familiar science center exhibits and interior design signed Tom Tits Experiment in Södertälje.

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Familyhouse in wood

This family house is located on a slope to the east. A modernist appropriation intermingled with the other villas in an environment with different design and exterior materials. The area is fairly typical for residential areas gradually emerging since 1910/20-tal. The plot is a subdivision.

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Tillbyggnad till soldattorp

I det här röda huset bor familjen Dahlin. Vi ritade tillbyggnaden och bygget sköttes av familjen. Tillbyggnaden fördubblade boytan med i första hand samvarorum i markplan och två sovrum en trappa upp.

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Social housing in Paris

From collaboration with architects in Paris, we have experience in urban renewal projects in full character urban context. Here rue de Pali-Kao in Paris.

Boulevard Belleville in background

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DeLaval productshowroom

DeLaval products exhibition is a showcase of products for milking. The company produces the worldwide known milk robot, but also other more conventional products for use on dairy farms. DeLaval represent powerful development and research in dairy production-related equipment.

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Bookstore Morris

When the Antiquarian Morris decided to move their bookstore to a very own house TelgeMobile Arkitektur was chosen to lead the project. It ended up with a house of about 60 square meters divided into a large dominant gallery, a restroom and a little storage. Bokhuset, as our client calls his gardenpavillion in the eastern part of Södertälje.

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A sculptor’s workshop

A building in culture protected natural environment planned as an art studio and concrete casting workshop for use with large sculptures.

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Birdwatchers pavillion

Några studier från 3D-modellen

(Will be translated)

Fågelskådning är väntan, det är att frysa och det är att inte alltid se tillräckligt bra. Man kan då vara hjälpt av en fast punkt för kikarstativet och ett vindskydd för att kunna dricka kaffe i lä. Tillsammans med STJOF, Södertälje Ornitologiska Förening, har vi utvecklat den här paviljongen för en plats vid vattnet nära Tullgarns slott.

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Bouleplayers pavillion in Paris

Familyhouse in Södertälje

For a plot on a hill in central Södertälje, we designed this family house

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Urbanplanning project in Meaux

Hometown of the Briecheese is also the site of a magnificent cathedral with romanesque and gothic attributes. Following proposal for a housing development just east of downtown in Meaux is made ​​with references to the medieval town center mixed up with more recent urban thinking, such as from Le Corbusier’s theories of light, air and greenery.

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