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What´s behind the way we operate

We cooperate with corporate as well as private clients. As most efficient when we are engaged in the project’s early phases. Our planning work consists of organizing ideas and needs, describe consequences, make compromises, designing solutions, produce supports for procurement and to help during construction. We work with text, drawings, […]

Competition in Meaux France

Hometown of the Briecheese is also the site of a magnificent cathedral with romanesque and gothic attributes. Following proposal for a housing development just east of downtown in Meaux is made ​​with references to the medieval town center mixed up with more recent urban thinking, such as from Le Corbusier’s […]

BaraVara – snoezelrelax at Tom Tits

The green gallery at Tom Tits likes to bring to mind a peaceful forest. Akvariebryggan, Mörka Rummet and the autumn frozen ice blue water puddle to slip around on, wishing well and the forest’s many Autumn colors are some attractions. BaraVara means ”just-to-exist” so here you’re aloud just to exist […]

Morris Bookstore

When the Antiquarian Morris decided to move their bookstore to a very own house TelgeMobile Arkitektur was chosen to lead the project. It ended up with a house of about 60 square meters divided into a large dominant gallery, a restroom and a little storage. Bokhuset, as our client calls […]

Workshop and atelier

A building in culture protected natural environment planned as an art studio and concrete casting workshop for use with large sculptures.   The house is divided in two buildings and the work area is isolated from office and change of clothes-store with a roofing crossing in the open air The […]

Private house

This family house is located on a slope to the north. A modernist appropriation intermingled with the other villas in an environment with different design and exterior materials. The area is fairly typical for residential areas gradually emerging since 1910/20-tal. The plot is a subdivision. The house is composed of […]

Klas Fresk about the relation between design and message

”- As an educator and scientist, I was early convinced that design is relevant to how the message is understood. And that content and form are inextricably linked with each other. You can not create a content without a form and vice versa.”   It was at the Södertälje Konsthall […]

Residential HLM building in Paris

At a short but intensive employment in Paris at the office Daviel Architecture I designed this housing building in the center of Paris with a postmodernistic touch Apartment plans are common types of proliferation from studios to 4 pieces and with normal standards. Ground floor housing retail space and a […]

Exhibition gallery on mechanical principles

A presentation of a removed exhibition on mechanical principles at Tom Tits Experiment A call of machinery and mechanical principles in an exhibition form. Machines have a special position in a science-center and is often presented as an answer to the questions that humanity faces in science and technology field […]

About Scenography at Tom Tits Experiment

After more than 15 years of design issues at Tom Tits Experiment Sirkén is broadly experienced in exhibition projects and of design as communication. Tom Tits Experiment is an educational activity in which design is an important tool. The exhibition is self-explanatory – galleries and exhibition design are guiding handling […]