HC Andersen – House of Fairytales

Architectcompetition 2014

Extract from our entry in the architectcompetition for a new HC Andersen museum and childrens culture centre in Odense – House of Fairytales. OD1

A House of Fairytales composed in three levels where The Tinderbox and HC Andersen museum got facilities on all three. The different activities within the building are mixed vertically and horisontally for the best outcome of interactivity. We sympathize with the effort to develop a general interlacing – mentally and physical. A mix organized for merging together generations, merge interactivity through objects and visibility, across generations and through mutual curiosity between generations. OD12 Combining demands of adults calm museum to childrens noisy activities and at the same time permitting contact and visibility between the two is possible thanks to interior noisereductive arrangements. OD2 ”-A museum is a museum because of its collections. We suggest an emphasizement of this and are hesitant to the idea of presenting it in a dominant and disturbing multimedia and movieshow surrounding”. OD7”-Current galleries lacks daylight which, in our opinion, is quite tiring. The new concept is different in this sense”. OD9 OD11

Competition arranged by the city of Odense.

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