What´s behind the way we operate

We cooperate with corporate as well as private clients. As most efficient when we are engaged in the project’s early phases.

Our planning work consists of organizing ideas and needs, describe consequences, make compromises, designing solutions, produce supports for procurement and to help during construction.

We work with text, drawings, images, conversations, training, pen and computer comparing to standard.

We got consultance insurance and are members of the Swedish Association of ArchitectsEn cours


  • We operate within a social context and a sense of responsibility in economic, social and commercial aspects
  • We are participating in public debate and we stand for religious, political and commercial independence
  • We understand that we might have impact on larger societal processes and therefore make efforts to keep an active and updated approach for the environmental concept socially, aesthetically, functionally as well as ecologically
  • We strive to always have well-reasoned arguments in discussions and in project work
  • We collaborate with others and share our knowledge and experiences
  • We want to relate independent of material suppliers and execution operators and to choose solutions in agreement with our clients
  • We are constantly striving for more efficient working methods and improved productivity


Architecture is applied art. For built environment to function over time requires readiness for changes and additions. Our objective is to create environments with strong character in order to withstand additions, recast and common use

We consider the built environment as a social actor. What is happening outside and around our projects is as important as what takes place inside. Small and large projects are acting in the public sphere and in the public discourse

We are working with the ambition to promote permanent features and fixed lighting. Fixed structures has got ability to lead the user and to guide. This enhances the experience and increase cosiness

We want to contribute to houses and environments with high degree of detailing and detail richness. We do not advocate stripped surfaces during epitet as minimalism. Detailing is not necessarily expensive – most often only a matter of good planning

We got as objective that environments that we develop engage and that they tempt forward an observing behaviour. Our projects shall arouse curiosity and desire to examine

Architecture is communication and building symbols an important planning factor. We have great confidence in these and other so-called soft skills.

Prioritize elements that can be measured, is often requested. We suggest instead to prioritize soft values – qualities which are not necessarily to be measured